New Book Party! March 15

It’s party time!! To celebrate the shower of new books donated by so many generous people from all over the United States, the library will host a new book party for the entire school on March 15.  We’ll have a grand assembly at the beginning of the day to take pictures of students and books in the auditorium and then we’ll have scheduled times for classes to come in for book buddy readings in the library.

Thank you to Ms. O’Hair for making the library an Amazon wish list and posting it on Facebook and to my husband Todd and daughter Lindsey for re-sharing her post.  I would also like to thank Pat Nickell for volunteering in the library and helping send out thank you notes.  And to all the wonderful, caring people who have donated books and money to help expand our curriculum and students’ learning experience, we truly appreciate your gifts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*When I had some students pose for a picture with the new books, they didn’t want to stop reading them to go to P.E. class. 🙂

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